Powder Handling & Processing

  • Flexible screw conveyors
  • Bulk bag filling & unloading
  • Drum and container filling & dumping
  • Automated and manual bag break stations
  • Portable bins and hoppers
  • Storage silos
  • Solid and liquid product reclaim systems


  • Gravimetric and volumetric feeders (single and twin screw, vibratory, belt and bulk solids pump)
  • Dilute/dense phase pneumatic conveying systems
  • Vacuum sequencing systems
  • Rotary airlock valves and diverter valves
  • Ancillary components for pneumatics


  • Sifting and separating systems for liquids and solids
  • Circulatory vibratory screeners
  • Flo-Thru low-profile scalpers
  • Centrifugal sifters and separators
  • Circular fluid bed drying/cooling systems
  • Static sieve screeners and separators


  • Comil conical milling systems for size reduction and delumping
  • Fitzmill hammer mills
  • FlexSift compact security screening systems
  • Chilsonator dry granulation roller compactor systems
  • Ytron powder dispersion & liquid homogenization and wet milling systems



  • Batch & continuous process mixers
  • Ribbon blenders up to 600 cubic feet
  • Paddle blenders up to 600 cubic feet
  • V-cone blenders up to 75 cubic feet
  • WaveMix microwave heating/drying


  • Intermediate bulk container (IBC) systems, using patented “cone valve” technology for dust free mass flow discharge
  • IBC tumble blenders
  • Offline IBC washing stations


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