Flo-Dynamics Components, Inc. Telephone number: 978-392-7992

  • Slide gate, diverter & iris valves
  • Manual and automatic actuation
  • Flow control for bulk /dribble feed
  • Loading Spouts, positioners, filtration

  • Level measurements for bulk powders
  • Point and continuous level monitoring
  • Particle emission detection systems
  • Bin aeration for hoppers and silos

  • UVC Chemical Free Surface Disinfection
  • Stainless Steel Housing meets all IP67 and S-A Sanitary Standards
  • Provide Disinfection within 0.5 seconds at Inactivation Rates of Log 3 – Log 4

  • Rotary airlock valves and feeders
  • Ancillary components for pneumatics (piping, tubing, couplings, etc.)
  • Dust collection components

  • Heavy duty magnetic separators for the recycling, aggregate and power industries

  • Smart Elbow for pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Reduces wear, product damage, maintenance and downtime

  • Industrial vibrators
  • Vibratory flow aid systems
  • Vibratory equipment to assist in handling, processing & packaging of dry bulk solids

  • Permanent magnet and magnetic equipment for industrial use.
  • Systems for dry solids and liquids to protect product purity and processing equipment.

FDC Phone Number: 978-392-7992

84 Misty Pine Road, Fairport NY 14450